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Royal Green Honey & Bee pollen

Royal Green Premium gourmet honey guarantees the highest quality honey available in the world. We let our bees collect their nectar in unspoiled areas all over the world. Our honey is not blended with cheap (blend)honey and is 100% pure, certified organic and from countries like Cuba, Mexico, Hungary, Germany and Portugal. We do not use pesticides and our bees feed off their own honey. It is cold-extracted, not filtered and you will taste the difference... enjoy!

  • Packshot: Caribbean


    This fine, fruity aromatic honey is a culinary delicacy from unspoiled natural landscapes in Cuba. An organic pleasure, emerged from the sweet nectar of a primitive and diverse wildflower vegetation.

    Available in: 250 g

  • Packshot: Mountain


    In pristine mountain regions, which are among the last great wild landscapes on earth, this fine honey is created. The nectar from the rich flora matures in the hives to a honey that is simply delicious and a culinary delight.

    Available in: 250 g

  • Packshot: Acacia


    Our Acacia honey comes from the Robinia pseudoacacia and during the short flowering period in May and June, our bees collect nectar from the fragrant white flowers of up to 25 meters tall trees for a unique honey. Without doubt one of our most popular and sweetest honeys.

    Available in: 250 g

  • Packshot: Elderberry


    This is a love story. Honey & Elderberry ended up together to become one of the most delicious honey & fruit spreads available on earth. You can put it on pancakes, bread, in tea or anything else that you can think of.

    Available in: 250 g

  • Packshot: Bee pollen

    Bee pollen

    Our Royal Green Bee Pollen is 100% certified organic and filled with goodness. Bee pollen contains many rejuvenating ingredients that will support your immune system. Great to use as a topping over yogurt or just blend it into a healthy smoothie.

    Available in: 120 g

Royal Green uses absolutely no chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or flavour enhancers. Naturally gluten free. Experience the difference now!

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