Acacia honey

Acacia honey

100% pure & certified organic Acacia honey from Romania/Hungary

A lot of cheap Acacia honey comes from China. In this case the label states: EU/Non-EU honey. This actually means EU honey = from Romania/Hungary and Non-EU honey = from China. The European honey is blended with the cheaper Acacia honey from China. It goes without saying that we do not do this and immediately explains the price difference with the cheaper blend Acacia honey that is available on the market. The difference in quality is clearly visible. Blended acacia honey is darker in colour and is cloudy. Try comparing our pure acacia honey with acacia honey from other brands.

Our premium 100% European Acacia honey comes from the Robinia pseudoacacia and during the short flowering period in May and June, our bees collect nectar from the fragrant white flowers of up to 25 meters tall trees for a unique honey. Without doubt one of our most popular and sweetest honeys.

Available in: 250 gram.


  • 100% certified organic.
  • 100% raw.
  • Honey from 1 beekeeper.
  • Not blended with different kinds of honey.
  • 100% bee & beekeeper friendly.
  • Never (high pressure) filtered by machines.


  • Delicious in tea, coffee, smoothies, yogurt, snacks, drinks, ice cream and other desserts and dishes.
  • Delicious on pancakes.
  • Delicious on bread.

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