Plant based vitamins, minerals & specialties


Vitamins and minerals are often synthetic. Examples are: ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C), calcium ascorbate (ester-C), calcium carbonate (chalk) and the list goes on. Don’t be misled and always check if the ingredient is truly natural. Royal Green is proud to introduce certified organic vitamins and minerals which are truly derived from plants. The independent organic label on our products proves it. Free of pesticides and 100% pure nature!

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The unique quality of Royal Green

“If it is up to us, the era of synthetic or isolated vitamins and minerals belongs to the past. We are convinced that whole food or certified organic vitamins and minerals are better sources, have a wider range of activity and are better absorbed by the body. Organic food is a gift from nature and since we started in 2008, we are passionate to deliver this wisdom of nature.

Unfortunately, many people are incorrectly or not fully informed every day. For example, if one asks for a natural or whole food vitamin C, you often will leave the (health) store with an ascorbic acid (synthetic vitamin C) or calcium
ascorbate (ester-C). Or if you ask for a product to strengthen bones, there is a huge probability that a calcium carbonate product will be advised. Calcium carbonate is chalk and pure rock! Some other examples of isolated vitamins and minerals are: magnesium oxide, cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12), selenomethionine (selenium), retinol palmitate (vitamin A) and the list goes on. These substances do not grow in soil, are not natural, but are artificially produced by pharmaceutical companies.

This needed to change and is the reason that I founded Royal Green in 2008. Roy All Green: a lifestyle food & food supplements brand that is developed to be a truly whole food alternative to synthetic vitamins and minerals products that are available on the market.

Our commitment to certified organic ingredients is, among other things, reflected in our ‘Essentials’ range. An achievement which I am very proud of. We all are inspired by the power of Mother Nature and I am pleased to offer everyone that supports this, a choice in vitamins and minerals that is in harmony with their beliefs.”

Roy Jongens
Founder & formulator Royal Green

Our whole food answer

Wouldn’t it be great if the word ‘natural’ would be a protected word that could not be claimed by everyone? Every supplements brand can say it is offering ‘natural’ vitamins & minerals, although this is often not the case at all. Therefore always look at the ingredients that are used in the product. If the term does not sound like something that grows in nature, then there is a very big chance that it is a synthetic or isolated ingredient.

Conventional vitamins & minerals


Synthetic: isolated substance
0% nature: made by pharmaceutical companies (man made)

Royal Green vitamins & minerals


Whole food: symphony of nutrients (synergistic activity)
Body’s own substance: body recognises the nutrients
100% nature: made by Mother Nature

Royal Green is proud to introduce whole food and certified organic vitamins and minerals which are truly derived from nature. The independent organic label on our products proves it.

All Royal Green products are free of fillers, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, synthetic sweeteners or flavour enhancers. Naturally gluten free.

MG is a measure for weight

The amount of a given ingredient in milligram or microgram that is used in a supplement only indicates 1 thing: how much this ingredient weighs…not how much of it is absorbed by the body. Mg is a measure of weight, not of absorption! It is therefore important not to look at the amount of milligrams of a particular substance, but to look at what form is supplied in the supplement. Is the ingredient that is used synthetic or whole food? The form determines how much is absorbed by the body. You can take 1000 mg of isolated ascorbic acid (vitamin C), but this does not mean that this 1000 mg is absorbed.

A whole food vitamin C (like camu camu, amla or acerola) provides besides vitamin C hundreds of other nutrients, resulting in not only much higher absorption and activity, but also a much wider range of effect in the body. An isolated ascorbic acid, made by man, provides 1 substance. A whole food vitamin C, made by nature, provides dozens of nutrients with a synergistic effect. A whole food substance is body’s own, nourishes the body and does not need to be taken in high dosages.

Eventually it’s a question everyone should ask themselves: do I want synthetic vitamins and minerals or do I want whole food vitamins and minerals? We at Royal Green always choose the path of nature. If an ingredient is available in organic form then we will use it!