Full spectrum herbs, plants & algae

Whole Food

At Royal Green we only use full spectrum plants and herbs. All nutrients of the herb are provided. No component is left out. This way we can guarantee optimal activity. We select the finest herbs and absolutely do not use chemical solvents during the extraction. Our herbs are never standardised and are free of hexane and/or acetone. Royal Green Whole foods are free of fillers, highly concentrated, pure and if possible certified organic.

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The unique quality of Royal Green

If it is up to us, the era of standardised herbs belongs to the past. Conventional herbs are often standardised by extracting one molecule of the whole plant. The reason is that one believes to have found the ‘active ingredient’. This ‘single molecule’ is isolated by using chemical solvents, such as acetone (nail polish remover), hexane and/or extreme heat. The rest of the herb gets damaged or is discarded. Isolated or standardised plants and herbs lose the healing power and wisdom of the whole plant.

Let’s explain this pharmaceutical point of view in a different way. The best way is to compare a herb with a beautiful orchestra. This orchestra consists of hundred different instruments, which as a whole sounds fantastic and harmonious. The conventional way of thinking is that one instrument (for example curcumin in turmeric) has the same powerful effect as a whole orchestra. This is what standardization is: one chooses to provide only the flute of the orchestra. The rest is thought not to be important…

At Royal Green we believe that the power, energy and safety is found in the whole herb. We want the whole orchestra and it should preferably be as large as possible. The various instruments reinforce each other, leading to a much larger effect. At Royal Green we retain the whole herb and provide all nutrients. If possible, certified organic and concentrated to provide the full spectrum of each herb or plant.