The unique quality of Royal Green

From the moment Royal Green started in 2008, we only use ingredients of the highest quality that are available on earth. Made with love & care and always tested for purity.

Controlled purity

We work with the strictest requirements in terms of food safety. When you buy a Royal Green product, you know that the ingredients have been checked for purity. That something is grown organically does not mean that the ingredient is always free from impurities! This really needs to be tested and unfortunately, due to cost savings, only few brands do this. At Royal Green, we find it extremely important to think about purity and food safety and it goes without saying that we always go for the highest standard. For example, we test (depending on the ingredient) on microbiological hazards (bacteria, viruses and fungi), chemical hazards (for example toxins produced by fungi, environmental contaminants and pesticides) and physical hazards (product foreign materials).

ISO 22000 certified
Since we conduct specifically targeted tests, we are able to find irregularities at an early stage and can make sure that these contaminated ingredients never end up in our products. This is the only way to guarantee the purest quality. Royal Green is ISO 22000 certified, the highest achievable food safety certificate in our industry. We are of course very proud of this!

Roy Jongens
Founder Royal Green

 100% certified organic food
Organic agriculture and food are legally defined concepts and the word ‘organic’ is a legally protected term. Therefore not everyone can claim it and we at Royal Green are of course very happy with this. All our food products are 100% certified organic. Sustainably grown without the use of pesticides.

 Free of (natural) flavourings
Flavourings are mainly added in drinks. When flavourings are used, you do not taste the real ingredients of Mother Nature. Flavourings are created in a laboratory to add flavour and we believe that these do not belong in any drink whatsoever. We only use 100% genuine ingredients and never use (natural) flavourings, perfumes or flavour enhancers!

 Naturally gluten free
There are 14 different food allergens that producers must mention in case they occur in the products. This includes the gluten containing grains: wheat, rye, barley and spelt. All Royal Green food products (except the 3 cereals) are naturally gluten free.

GMO crops are artificially processed in order to be resistant to herbicides. Manipulated crops do of course not occur in biodynamic and organic farming. All Royal Green products are guaranteed GMO-free.

 100% vegan
Vegan products are made without animal ingredients (fish, meat, dairy, eggs and honey). All Royal Green products (except the honey) are 100% vegan and it goes without saying that our products are not tested on animals.

 FSC certified
Did you know that every minute 36 football fields disappear from forests in the world? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is an international organization dedicated to conservation and responsible forest management worldwide. By using FSC, Royal Green and therefore you, contribute directly to the protection of our global forests and to a healthy environment for humans and animals worldwide.

 100% plastic free adhesive tape
Perhaps you have never thought about it, but to protect products during transport they are usually in a cardboard outer box. This box is usually sealed with plastic tape. It is nice to know that our adhesive tape is made of (biodegradable) paper. This prevents plastic litter.